Don't waste time looking for your potential customers, we will be happy to find them for you.

Don't waste time looking for your potential customers, we will be happy to find them for you.

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What are Leads?

A lead is a person who has shown interest in our products or services by providing us with an e-mail or other contact.

Or that's what the obtained contact data is sometimes called. Lead generation is one of the important goals of a website.

A lead is not yet a customer, but a person who can soon become one.

How to get Leads?

A lead is typically created by a potential customer's reaction to one of the promotional activities or through the recommendation of an existing customer.

Typically, this is data such as name, email, phone, address, etc. The topic of "acquiring contacts" is still a neglected way for many companies to build and strengthen a customer base in the long term.

What is lead generation?

This is a way of acquiring customers who are motivated to complete the process of purchasing a product or service in an e-shop.

The form of Lead Generation is very well known in the field of marketing and belongs to the marketing mix of almost every company that acquires great potential customers online "ie through the Internet".

What is a lead

The English term lead belongs to the field of internet marketing (more specifically to the so-called lead generation marketing). It does not have a direct Czech equivalent, so it is commonly used in this foreign language form.
It refers to a potential customer who has shown interest in services by responding to an advertisement and is one step away from utilization. For example, he clicked on a banner or a button with a CTA. It can also be the result of a referral. Some sources explain a lead as a type of conversion or contact with a user with a high chance of converting it into a customer. As soon as the company obtains a lead, marketing has fulfilled its goal and is replaced by purely commercial activities, which form the imaginary final phase.

Basic lead generation strategy

There are a number of ways to generate leads, follow up on them and send them down the customer journey. He deals with these techniques lead management, which represents the overall process of acquiring new customers and takes into account general market parameterstarget group.

A contact (lead) can be obtained on the Internet:

How to know the quality or lead scoring

Not every lead is high-quality, or even real. Users do not like to give out their phone number because they are afraid of misuse. Therefore, they usually leave only their e-mail address. The exception is, of course, situations where the issue is of great interest to the given person. Then he usually has no problem with giving the number.

In order to better estimate whether a visitor will become a (good) lead, the marketer can use a scale called lead scoring - with the help of specialized tools.

It then monitors the user's behavior on the website and assigns points to their individual activities. Based on this, it is then possible to effectively evaluate whether, for example, he is ready for direct contact or final trading. It makes a difference when someone signs up for a newsletter, actively compares products, or perhaps searches for a customer support contact.

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Software for managing your leads

Convenient processing and handling of your leads from your computer or mobile device.

Leadee manager

Tariffs and prices

Choose one of our tariffs.

All prices below are exclusive of VAT.

Tarif S

600 EUR

up to 250 leads

Setting up 1 campaign
Telephone support
email support
Minimum budget
30-45 EUR/day

Tarif M

1.200 EUR

up to 500 leads

Setting up 2 campaign
Telephone support
email support
Minimum budget
45-75 EUR/day

Tarif L

1.800 EUR

up to 1.000 leads

Setting up 3 campaign
Telephone support
email support
Minimum budget
75-105 EUR/day

Premium features

Tarif XL

2.400 EUR

up to 5.000 leads

Setting up 5 campaign
Telephone support
email support
Minimum budget
120-240 EUR/day

Premium features

* The number of domains you want to send your web notifications to
* When you order an annual tariff, you get 2 months free (you only pay for 10 months).

One-off payments

Setup and commissioning of the Leader system

  • Connecting and Setting up Business manager
  • Setting up Google Analytics
  • Conversion API link
  • PIXEL settings on your website

390 EUR

Setting up premium features.

230 EUR

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